FAQ about the auctions

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What is the auction? Auctions for used machines and tools are held four times a year at OMDC’s exhibition hall.
More than 2,000 items, including machines and tools, are on display at each auction, and many visitors from not only Osaka but also all over the country come to bid for and purchase these items.
When are the auctions held? The annual auction schedule is available on the auction information page in our website.
Information on auctions for machines and tools
How can I bid at the auction? Only auction members can participate in the auction.
Non-members are not allowed to bid at the auction in person.
Please consult auction members with whom you conduct business to make bids.
Note: The auction members are members of OMDC and members of All Japan Machinery Dealers Association.
How should I look for items being auctioned?

1. Use the search list on our website.* The list is available only during the preview period.
 Auction list
2. Use the auction list distributed at our exhibition hall.
Please note that the list is in limited supply.
3. Come in advance to view the auction site.
(*Necessary) Please be sure to check actual items.

What is the procedure for bidding? Please make your bid through an auction member after viewing actual items at the auction site.
What amount would be considered a reasonable bid? Used machines and tools are displayed as they are. Please determine your bid value (in increments of 1,000 yen) in consideration of the state of the machines and of the minimum bid, especially when bidding for machine tools.
Is it possible to test-run machines and tools? It may not be possible to test-run machines and tools, depending on their state. Please consult with the company with whom you have made your bid.
Are instruction manuals available? Instruction manuals are not available in most cases.
What is the minimum bid? You have to make your bid at the minimum bid value or higher.
When can I know the result of my bid? The company with whom you made your bid will contact you by the afternoon of the closing date.
How should I collect my item? Collect your item within the specified period.
The company with whom you made your bid must be present when you collect your item.