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The 206th Auction
Preview period :
Fri, February 16 2024 to
Thu, February 29 2024
Ballot open :
Fri, March 1 2024

Co-Operation Profile

Osaka Machine Tool Distributor Co-Operation (OMDC) is a distributor organization that was established in the Higashiosaka Distribution Business Area, an urban planning area designated in 1967 for machine tool and machine and tool distributors located in overcrowded urban areas, such as Imazato, Tanimachi, and Itachibori in Osaka City, to resolve narrow office spaces and traffic congestion and to streamline and modernize the management through joint business operation as well as to fundamentally improve the member companies’ business structures.

OMDC is located at the northern entrance to Higashiosaka, a world-class manufacturing town, with a site area of 70,619 m2. It supports Japan’s manufacturing activities, from home appliances and automobiles to satellites, with many companies having the world’s highest levels of technology. It has a history of more than 50 years as a major center for machine tools, machines and other tools, and it continues to grow and develop by expanding its business area not only throughout Japan but around the world.

OMDC is comprised of 96 specialized trading companies that deal in machine tools for machining the parts and molds that make up machines; machines, tools such as cutting tools, working tools and measuring tools; such as screws, fasteners bolts and nuts; and parts such as bearings and belts that are essential for machinery equipment. Therefore, OMDC can obtain all the products and information related to machines and tools necessary for manufacturing industries.
The Machine Tools Auctions, one of OMDC’s major activities, is held four times a year. It is now one of our major events, with more than 5,000 machine tools, machines and other tools, etc. exhibited, and it attracts a large number of visitors. In addition, approximately 5,000 units of used machine tools are exhibited in the organization and communal exhibition halls, and many people from Japan and abroad come to the organization to look for machines. Please stop by and visit us.

Name Osaka Machine Tool Distributor Co-Operation (OMDC)
Address 2-5-10 Honjonishi, Higashiosaka City, Osaka TEL +81-6-6747-7521 FAX +81-6-6747-7525
Established March 30, 1968
Investment 596 million yen
Total area of the estate 70,619 m2
Number of member companies 96
Number of employees in the estate 1,500

Business Type and Product Lineup

NC machine tools

NC lathes/Machining centers/NC milling machines/NC grinding machines/NC drilling machines (tapping)/NC boring machines (milling)/Electric discharge machines/Other NC machine tools

Forging machines

Pressing machines/Auxiliary equipment for pressing machines/Other pressing machines

General machine tools

Lathes/Milling machines/Grinding machines/Drilling machines/Boring machines (milling)/Plaining machines/Surface finishing machines/Gear cutting machines/Other general machine tools

Sheet metal machines

Cutting machines/Plate fusing machines/Sheet metal pressing machines/Plate benders/Other sheet metal machines/Coil lines

Steel frame fabrication machines

Steel frame cutting machines/Steel frame fabrication machines/Welding machines/Steel frame benders/Other steel frame fabrication machines

Measuring instrument and testing machines

Measuring instruments/Testing machines



Peripheral equipment for machine tools

Tooling for machining centers/Tooling for general-purpose machines/Chuck for workpieces/Various tables/Vices/Surface plates/Various blocks/Other peripheral equipment for machine tools

Transportation and cargo-handling machines

Cranes/Fork lift trucks/Hoists/Chain blocks/Winch Lifters/Trucks, dump tracks and trailers/Conveyors and feeders/Other transportation and cargo-handling machines

Electric equipment

Motors/Generators/Power receiving and transforming equipment/Other electric equipment

Steel making equipment

Rolling equipment/Casting machines/Wire drawing machines/Other steel making equipment

Other machines

Various robots/Air conditioning equipment/Compressors/Other machines

Wood working machines

Wood working machines


Mechanic devices/Cutting tools/Measuring tools/Working tools

Industrial equipment and devices

Labor-saving equipment/Hydraulic and pneumatic equipment

Machine parts

Chain and gears/Bearings/Rubber belts/Industrial fasteners/Pumps

Rivets, bolts and nuts

Rivets, bolts and nuts




Commercial kitchen equipment/Stationery/Welded wire mesh, and bender working

Machine Tools Auctions

OMDC holds auctions for used machines and tools on a regular basis.

The 206th auction

Preview period: From Friday, February 16 2024 to Thursday, February 29 2024
Ballot open:Friday, March 1 2024
Collection period: FromMonday, March 4 2024 to Friday, March 15 2024

Number of timesPeriodExplanatory notes
The 203th auctionPreview period : From Friday, May 19 2023 to Thursday, June 1 2023
Ballot open : Friday, June 2 2023
Collection period : Monday, June 5 2023 to Friday, June 16 2023
The 204th auctionPreview period : From Friday, August 18 2023 to Thursday, August 31 2023
Ballot open : Friday, September 1 2023
Collection period : Monday, September 4 2023 to Friday, September 15 2023
The 205th auctionPreview period : From Friday, November 10 2023 to Thursday, November 23 2023
Ballot open : Friday, November 24 2023
Collection period : Monday, November 27 2023 to Friday, December 8 2023
The 206th auctionPreview period : From Friday, February 16 2024 to Thursday, February 29 2024Holding schedule
Ballot open : Friday, March 1 2024
Collection period : Monday, March 4 2024 to Friday, March 15 2024

FAQ about the auctions

What is the auction?

Auctions for used machines and tools are held four times a year at OMDC’s exhibition hall.
More than 2,000 items, including machines and tools, are on display at each auction, and many visitors from not only Osaka but also all over the country come to bid for and purchase these items.

When are the auctions held?

The annual auction schedule is available on the auction information page of our website.
Information on auctions for machines and tools

How can I bid at the auction?

Only auction members can participate in the auction.
Non-members are not allowed to bid at the auction in person.
Please consult auction members with whom you conduct business to make bids.
Note: The auction members are members of OMDC and members of All Japan Machinery Dealers Association.

How should I look for items being auctioned?

  1. Use the search list on our website.* The list is available only during the preview period.
     Auction list
  2. Use the auction list distributed at our exhibition hall.
    Please note that the list is in limited supply.
  3. Come in advance to view the auction site.
    (*Necessary) Please be sure to check actual items before bidding.

What is the procedure for bidding?

Please make your bid through an auction member after viewing actual items at the auction site.

What amount would be considered a reasonable bid?

Used machines and tools are displayed as they are. Please determine your bid value (in increments of 1,000 yen) in consideration of the state of the machines and of the minimum bid, especially when bidding for machine tools.

Is it possible to test-run machines and tools?

It may not be possible to test-run machines and tools, depending on their state. Please consult with the company with whom you have made your bid.

Are instruction manuals available?

Instruction manuals are not available in most cases.

What is the minimum bid?

You have to make your bid at the minimum bid value or higher.

When can I know the result of my bid?

The company with whom you made your bid will contact you by the afternoon of the closing date.

How should I collect my item?

Collect your item within the specified period.
The company with whom you made your bid must be present when you collect your item.

Exhibition Hall

The total floor space of the communal exhibition halls (#1 and #2) is approximately 4700 m2, including a permanent exhibition area, a free exhibition area, and single item deposit area. The permanent exhibition area is used by OMDC member companies to exhibit their stock products, the free exhibition area is used by machine tool and tool manufacturers for exhibitions, and the single item deposit area is used for storing machine tools, etc. on a one-off basis. The Machine Tools Auctions, one of OMDC’s major events, is held four times a year, attracting many visitors from both Japan and abroad.


Co-Operation secretariat 2-5-10, Honjonishi, Higashiosaka City, Osaka TEL: +81-6-6747-7521, FAX: +81-6-6747-7525
Communal exhibition hall 2-2-38, Honjonaka, Higashiosaka City, Osaka TEL: +81-6-6747-7528